Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Two New Investments

EVDB - the service, which is aimed at providing a more open way for people to find and publish all events, was launched at pc forum last month and recently backed by draper fisher. i think that evdb represents the right approach to a web service in that they aggregate all existing events from meetup (and hopefully tribe). then they enable people to tag them into whatever categories they want as well as publish their own. i particularly like the integration with ical which seems way underleveraged to date as an exciting way for groups to share calendars. i really dont get why evite hasnt turned themselves into a branded web service that could be found within friendster, myspace and tribe but that's another diatribe.

Merlin Securities - this new prime brokerage service was launched by my good friend aaron vermut with his dad, steve vermut. dad built bank of america's prime broker into a business that i understand was more profitable than starbucks. in addition to having great web interfaces and software, merlin represents a great opportunity to bet on the explosion of hedge funds, but more selling picks and shovels than digging.