Friday, March 18, 2005

White Collar Spammers

i've blogged recently about why in the future none of us will be able to list our email addresses on our cards, as we'll all get sold into 'mail slavery' by the legions of companies that make a business out of adding us to 'opt in' business lists. i include below the email exchange i had today with the ceo of one of these 'innocent' companies that most likely bought my name to send out his unsolicited marketing communications. i'm curious what you all think about this exchange. am i being 'an angry and vindictive man' or am i justifiably upset? if you think phillippe should modify his practices, email him and let him

[note, i love that his spam actually prohibits the further 'unauthorized' distribution. guess i'm violating that here, huh?]

dear philppe,

as manager of a site that hosts many communities, i am particularly sensitive to companies engaging in spam (that is sending unsolicited, non permission based communications). clearly, neither i, nor any representative of myself, have ever given your company authorization to send email. my guess is that you purchased a list which someone added my name to.

i'd recommend you spend more time looking at what's wrong in your process, how it is that you are sending out spam and less lashing out at the victims of this abuse.

i'm sure you do hope our paths never cross as you do with the rest of the angry people receiving your spam. i would also note that you must be pretty unsophisticated at this game if you're spamming people and then making your own email and cell phone public. i'm posting this communication on my blog ( and will be adding your company to my soon to be published list of 'white collar spammers'. you can get off that list by a) taking responsibility for what you have done and b) proving that this practice has stopped.

feel free to not respond and continue any dialog; but i find that a sad copout. i guess i shouldnt expect any better given the ethics you're employing in marketing your business.


mark pincus

From: Philippe Lavie (KRE) []
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:43 AM
To: 'Mark Pincus'
Cc: 'Philippe Lavie (KRE) '
Subject: RE: CustomerCentric Selling Newsletter


If our email newsletters have created any ill feelings, please accept our apologies. In the body of all our emails, there is a safe unsubscribe option for you to use. Your name was added to our distribution list by yourself or someone that wanted you to receive our communication. We are an opt-in legitimate business that takes great care to ensure that only willing parties receive our information. Your name will be permanently removed from our distribution list.

That said you must be a very angry and vindictive man and CEO. What a contrast between what your email displayed and the business you manage, your profile on your site, and others’ testimonials about your character. Dealing in social networks and providing services to your different tribes audiences must be a chore for you with such an attitude.

I hope our paths never cross. This email is not intended to create a dialog or a conversation with you or any member of your staff. Please consider my communication with you as closed. To the point of appearing rude, there will be no responses to any additional communication with you.


Philippe Lavie
KeyRoad Enterprises -
A CustomerCentric Selling Affiliate
cell: 650-996-0445
fax: 415-934-1469

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From: Mark Pincus []
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 10:18 AM
Subject: RE: CustomerCentric Selling® Newsletter

i am reporting to you to my ISP as a spammer and hope you are shut down for good. i will also post your email to any spam list i find.


From: Philippe Lavie, President []
Sent: Friday, March 18, 2005 3:01 AM
Subject: CustomerCentric Selling® Newsletter

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and here's an idea...i think it would be cool if there were something like delicious or a wiki that let us all contribute names of companies and individuals who have spammed us as a way to fight back.