Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Tribe gets ripped in WSJ today

my company, tribe.net, got a fairly negative mention in today's wsj (page B6). i want to make a few comments on the story. first, i think it's sad that we continue to maintain double standards, whereby it's ok to party like a freak in vegas (cause it stays there) but we're expected to maintain the pretense of all being clean 'white' people at work. frankly, i get numbed by how 'white' my world is in sf and often wonder how i can escape it and find more diversity. (i should say before getting shot by the pc police, that i mean 'white' as in we're all supposed to have non-tatoo'd bodies, wear dockers and generally look and act like good corporate cogs.)

ok, i'll be first to admit that tribe has a greater share of 'diverse' people than most networks, that it's not your grandma's internet, but common, this guy is saying he dinged a candidate for having tatoos and pictures without a shirt, and that he regularly 'friendsters' people to weed them out, that you dont want people to find out you're a big 'partier'? give me a break.

now, i do think that people have not yet awoken to the new reality of the peopleweb, where their public info will be findable by anyone. for that reason, tribe and most hosted community or profile networks will soon enable users to control what is shared and with whom.