Friday, March 04, 2005

Revolution of the Ants

well, since i first blogged about this concept last summer it has steadily built steam both as a named concept and in the reality of our internet business world. esther dyson picked up on it with her release 1.0 titled 'revenge of the ants'. fred wilson picked up on it in several posts and most recently on jeff jarvis's buzz machine where he attributes it to fred.

the bigger point is that it's happening. that big media and advertisers are realizing that the internet generation doesnt want to be talked to, they are about talking with; they dont want to be sold into temporary time slavery like some bad timeshare scam every time they touch the media, rather they have entered an era where they can choose to consume the bulk of their media from each other, or at least zap out the commercials when they are passive, which these days seems like almost never. (when's the last time you spent 5 hours watching tv in a week?)