Monday, March 21, 2005

iCal but can i outlook?
i just started playing with ical which seems like another of apple's many hidden gems. (i know i should be embarassed to admit i'm just getting to this app now.) it seems to offer a powerful capability to create and connect many 'calendars'.

for those how like me are slow to get these apps which are obvious to the apple world, ical is a cool calendar app that lets you create many 'calendars' to create different color coded views of what you're up to. what i have found to be the coolest feature is the ability to publish and subscribe to various calendars. i just subscribed to the U2 concert tour and worldwide indie film festival calendar.

what i really want to do is a) connect my ical on imac at home to my outlook calendar at work and b) connect calendars with friends and family to schedule trips. i'm wondering if anyone knows whether this is doable? also, can i connect this to my blackberry?