Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Counting people not blogs

dave sifry from technorati has sent around an interesting chart which tracks total blogs and blog creation. he finds that there are 40,000 new blogs created a day which is twice the number from 5 months ago. while this is exciting, it's ironic that on the same day myspace put out a press release saying they are adding 60,000 new users a day. as most of you probably know, myspace is giving its users unique url's and basic blogging/diary capabilities. now i'm not disputing whether dave is wrong to exclude social network hosted 'blogs' or what constitues a blog, but i do wonder why noone is yet tracking the growth of the peopleweb. seems to me, we should be tracking the total number of people with 'open' profiles of any sort. that would include blogs that are identified as people and SN profiles that are open and publicly findable like blogs.

why should we care? (you may be now asking) well, this will give us an idea of what populations and what part of the overall population is findable and linkable in a public way. seems to me that at some point of critical mass, some of you smart hackers will start to turn on cool applications that will surface the power of the peopleweb. no more waiting for friendster, myspace, tribe to finally turn on the feature you wanted. no more trying to hack it together in a non-scalable way on your neighborhood blog. there will be apps running as web services across the peopleweb. obviously, i see classifieds working pefectly. i'm sure there will be much more fun apps too.

will this all happen through tags? we've all seen tags grow into the latest hot idea and it seems like this could be a vehicle for these new apps, however, i do not believe that normal people (the masses) will ever care about them or adopt them. maybe this is obvious, but tags make a ton of sense in the background, built into the 'sell my car' or 'get me a date' app.