Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Is Politics Starting to be in Fashion?fun
dan gilmore wrote today about how this election will be seen as a turning point in integrating the web into politics. totally agree. many people point to dean's failure as evidence that 'it didnt work'. i think we'll one day view the dean campaign as the boston tea party of web politics; people coming out of the wood works to passionately push for a new approach. much less about a new approach to foreign policy or social issues, but a new approach to how we broadcast our voice and how we proactively get our choice.

what i love most is that the real lesson of 2004 and dean (IMHO) is that there is a power curve effect to those candidates, campaigns and parties who start to share the power with the people. dan insightfully pointed out that the big difference between dean's online efforts and those before and after was his embracing 'the conversation'. i believe it was cory doctorow who wrote that a marketplace is a conversation. well, a good political campaign or representative should embody a marketplace too, for ideas, opinions and dialog.