Monday, October 18, 2004

Using the Open Network to Fight Back - Ant Power

as consumers we often feel helpless to fight back against businesses that treat us unfairly. this will change with one connected network. i want to share a story of how i recently fought back.

i bought my dad a digital camera for father's day using a price comparison engine. being a dumb consumer i clicked on the cheapest and proceeded to enter my credit card. i'll spare you the long story, but needless to say i quickly realized that the vendor (a one man shop out of brooklyn) was not going to treat me fairly. with five mintues of research (which i should have done at the start) i found that many other people also had loud complaints about this vendor (expressed on sites like epinions).

so what i did...was buy his company's name on google and put up an ad saying 'truth about avalon gadgets' which i linked to a blog called 'truth' that merely repeated all the complaints. now i dont know if this will ultimately have any impact but it seems that more and more we will all start to use google as a quick way to check out people and businesses. that means there will be a real oppty to have a public reputation system.