Wednesday, September 08, 2004

My Burning Man Experience

i was able to participate in burning man again this year (thanks to generous friends with an RV). every year people return from this amazing 'place' excited to share their experience with friends and family but largely unable to convey the true essence of what or why it was. i have no allusions of faring any better but will try anyway.

The Basics - BM is a temporary city that exists in the nevada desert for the last week of summer. it grows from a few thousand to 35,000 people coming from all over the world but predominantly the west coast. people usually come in theme camps that usually provide services to larger community. there is no commerce or even barter, only providing for yourself and 'gifting' to those you encounter.

My Experience - what i love most about BM is how 'present' it is. there is little sense of time other than guessing dayparts by sun position. there is no agenda as you have nothing you need to do or accomplish in a given day other than very basic requirements like water and shade.

BM is a community and place that fosters creativity, where weird and random are celebrated, conformity and judgement non-existent.