Sunday, March 21, 2004

Notes from PC 1

spending the next few days at PC Forum. havent been back here since 2000. wow, 4 year absence. it's fun to be back. lots of old friends. seems like the right energy, back to business...startups back to the hard road of balancing drive to innovate with need to show traction and revenue. fun to see a lot of the 'blogerati' here too. not sure how they justify the high conference price. maybe esther cuts them a blogger break. also fun that it's no longer all about enterprise software (even though that was to my advantage 4 years ago).

internet politics session....

listening to the panel talk about how the net effects politics...interesting that they are really all neutral, more arms dealers, so they lack conviction and opinions on what needs to happen as opposed to what could happen. i'd be more interested to hear opinions on what has to happen for these disparate grass roots campaigns like dean and gonzalez to turn into a braoder movement. seems like each one dies out and then has to start all over again. seems to get beyond this with a more persistent movement but yet also doesnt seem to be 'bubble up' but rather wes boyd's interpretation of what his 2 million liberal members want. guess you cant argue with success but does moveon ever become a movement?