Monday, November 10, 2003

Vote for Matt Gonzalez

so we invited matt to our party at the last minute and he just shows. really cool guy. the only politician i've ever met who just comes off genuine and honest. i offered him the chance to do some shameless self-promotion and he chose to just have a few beers and hang out.

i think he's the kind of mayor sf needs.

my own story with matt...

he's been my city counselman for a while now. he has helped me fight a reallly frustrating situation where the one little park in cole valley actually has a padlock on it during the week, reserved for childrens soccer on saturday mornings. burns me up that nobody in the neighborhood or sf can ever use this park. something i'd expect in some rich snooty suburb. anyway, he picked up my cause (after i yelled pretty loud) and decided to fight it because he thought it was the right thing. i asked what i could do to help him (assuming that's how politics works) and he said nothing. i dont think there's another politician who wouldnt have at least pointed where to send a check.