Friday, August 22, 2003

Film Festival Blogging

i am looking to create a group blog for film festival goers starting with telluride labor day weekend. seems like a great way for film fanatics to share immediate reviews during a festival which can then also let the broader world know about which movies played well at the festivals. this goes on anyway by word of mouth at festivals, and i'm always frustrated that there is no way to capture it. there are soo many films at these festivals that are sooo bad, mostly filled with big name stars that never would have made it and so many that are amazingly provacative and better than anything at the box office. just too bad that it can never be captured.

so...if i could convince a big enough group to start film festival blogging - do it in a totally open way so that anyone could join and add - i think it could be more valuable resource than whoever and ebert and a great way to highlight the power of blogs over old media.

can anyone who's into helping on this idea email me at