Friday, July 18, 2003

Here is an interesting counter point from Chris Alden on why we dont need more democracy...

We need less Democracy
Mark Pincus has an interesting idea he’s calling eParty. Mark and I chatted about it in late April and I grumpily challenged some of his assumptions (for some reason I was in a bad mood that day—sorry Mark). Specifically while I was supportive of the idea of empowering individuals and making the system more democratic, I questioned whether people feel as disenfranchised as Mark seems to think they do. Well I now believe that I was wrong—on both counts.

I think people are feeling underrepresented and less and less connected to the political process. However, I think the solution is less democracy, not more.

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and my response to Chris...

well chris, glad you came around (a little). but i disagree with the way you have framed the question.

first, you assume that i believe that a broader democratic voice will be positive for my own agenda when i agree it would likely be the opposite. i want it despite that.

second, i am merely advancing the idea of better enabling groups to self-organize on the web, creating new powerbases that draw from larger numbers rather than richer smaller groups.

third, i am also completely in favor of representative democracy but dont believe we come close to it today. i want to open up the process by which the agenda is set and candidates chosen. as i said, the agenda is set today but money and wackos (or highly involved invdividuals who passionately care about a given issue, sometimes analogous with wackos.)

Posted by: mark pincus on June 17, 2003 05:09 PM