Monday, April 28, 2003

i noticed that ross mayfield and marc canter gave some nice feedback regarding my eParty idea. i really liked marc's coined term of 'moral capitalist' which may be a term more of us in the business world should aspire towards.

ross also added some crisp thinking, especially around emergent democracy...

Its interests will emerge -- a potential governance mechanism that is truely emergent
Its driven by easy group forming -- fills a gap in today's politics of infuence to advance otherwise unfundable or short-term issues.
The process is the platform -- which fosters substantive debate, civic participation and social capital

The blogosphere has proven effective in influencing the mass media which in turn influences decision makers. It also encourages direct appeal for email write-in campaigns. But to truely have an impact on existing political institutions it must represent itself as a constituency and engage in institutional pluralism -- through lobbying on behalf of its constituents. [from ross's blog]