Wednesday, April 16, 2003

are we really supposed to believe that the cfo of peregrine went and did all this accounting fraud single handed, so he could make a measly couple million on his stock options Ex-Peregrine CFO Pleads Guilty to Criminal Charges? c'mon. where is the article pointing the finger at the guys who walked off with hundreds of millions like moores, the founder and chairman who walked away without any recriminations and $600M! so the cfo of prgn organized this entire conspiracy, risked jail and career ruin without any direction from above? maybe he was concerned that moores wouldnt be able to buy the SD Padres if the stock didnt get high enough. i hope he at least gets a lifetime glass box at the ballpark. this is worse than the sopranos. at least there, the media fingers the mob boss even if the police cant ever nab 'em.

how many of these stories will we sit through before somebody stands up and says what we all know, that the money trail doesnt lie? there was global crossing with gary winnick and criticalpath. my understanding is that winnick hasnt even ever been charged, despite proof that he directed his mgt team to misguide wall street while he sold stock. like tony soprano, winnick knows the value of good political investments. the best protection money can buy:)