Sunday, March 02, 2003

i recently attended a meeting for the NDN - new democratic network ( while i applaud their interest in 'modernizing' the Democratic party platform and bringing in new voices, i have to say that their approach sounded like the same old political machine just trying to incorporate a few more lucky souls. i pleaded with simon rosenberg, founder and president, to consider building a real 'network' which would enable and encourage a 'bubble up' approach to their platform which would incorporate many more voices in an open way by design.

i envision an Ebay for politics in which anyone can create their own soap box around a particular issue, connect with others, and even direct and fund the efforts of a dedicated lobbying organization. so we could all decide we want to see 'real gun control' - that is no hand guns period. we team up and each give $100. we also email all our friends with a link for them to contribute. lets say 100,000 people respond to our call and we raise $10m. this money goes to our general purpose lobbyists who work through the same corrupt, money driven system that the special interest groups leverage today. i think of this as a lobby for the people.

does anybody else agree with me on this concept? email me -