Sunday, March 02, 2003

i'm interested in the potential for people to use blogs to connect on issues, especially political. it would be cool if we could all 'register' our views on key issues and then remain connected to each other - ad hoc groups; so that we can immediately organize and act. the best example of this happening was, which managed to get 500,000 registered members in a month and $13m in pledges (though i'm sure a lot of that money never showed up). moveon hit a strong issue vein - people's frustration over congress's relentless focus on the lewinksi scandal at the cost of doing anything else.

i have often wondered why there has never been a web based platform that would enable other moveon's to happen ad hoc. there is some minimal functionality that would be really helpful, some similar to blogging. the most important piece would be the ability of anyone to set up a site and email a call to action that could be forwarded around the net.